EOI Company
Fabrication & Products

We offer single source complete rebar packages.  Through partnering and in-house abilities, we estimate, detail, fabricate, accessorize, and install reinforcing steel for any and all applications.  Unlike some, we will bundle or breakout as requested by contractor, both lump sum and per pound.  Customer satisfaction is our goal.  We can be competative in any region or market.

Bridge and other concrete construction is continually in a state of change.  That requires adaptation and the ability to alter and improve construction techniques constantly.  Through our experiences we have seen the need for products and innovation that is not always easily found on the open market.  Through necessity we have developed multiple systems to facilitate modern construction methods.  We've developed pre-cast half-round dobies for drilled shaft centralization.  These supports are far superior to any plastic product alternative.  They are dependable, durable, can withstand the forces of placing large drilled shaft rebar cages without clearance issues, hangups, or fouling the hole.  We can provide these in any size with any modifications necessary.  These can be cast on the jobsite, or under controlled conditions in our shop. 

We also cast any size of standard dobies with pvc coated wire ties to meet modern DOT standards for epoxy coated rebar supports for bridge decks or any other application.

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